Pancake Breakfast: A Rainy Day Success

Sharon, Coaches, Jean, Teresa, Mary, Jackie, Mairssa, Gary, Jim, Julie, Stacy, Rob, Rick, Danny,  (aka Team Ramona Aquatics),

This is a special thank you to the key players that made today successful.
Sharon, your preplanning was key.  You choose to be with us when you don’t currently have a child in the program.  Your dedication is deeply appreciated.
Coaches, tickets, signs, players, support – thanks
Jean and Teresa, you both manned the syrup and drink tables fabulously
Mary, shopping, organization, and supplies, great job
Jackie, you seemed to be everywhere there was a need today, especially washing dishes
Marissa, we missed you today, but boy you worked behind the scenes.  You are a donation master.
Gary, you whip up a mean batch of pancake mix and as always, take professional pics – the kids are going to especially miss that.  Thanks also for organizing the parent help
Jim and Julie, you guys owned that back room and Julie, all the prep including ticket sales and collections.  That was a full time job, wow. You win for most hours spent on this project.
Stacy, not sure what time you got up this morning to cook sausages, but we sure appreciate it.  Plus the drink containers, supplies and all the other help. Awesome
Rob, you are a sausage master.  Thanks also for sending your wife, Janette, with a car full of kids, to get coffee creamer and sugar.
Rick, my hubby, he will never read this email, but, he rocked today
Danny, working in front and back with the King’s, you took over on that griddle where Drew’s dad, Chris, left off.  Great job.  Drew’s dad is the only one I don’t have an email address for,  if someone sees him, be sure to express thanks from Boosters.
A general thank you to all because I am sure I missed something key above.  We divided and conquered today.  Everyone was responsible for a key area and because we each took care of business, it all came together.
We presold over 130 tickets and served just over 100 people today.  Besides presale, we took in another 21 ticket sales today, plus about $20 something in tips.  I can’t wait for a final count from Julie.  Hopefully we can celebrate with a total amount at next Monday’s booster club meeting.  Monday, November 14th in Coach Banister’s classroom.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to also celebrate our first round CIF win???    Go boys!
Thanks again,
Chris Runyan