Boys’ Polo Keeps on Truckin’

Day by day we inch closer to the glorious moment when we come home to the new Ramona Aquatics Facility! But let us not forget, oh brothers and sisters, the trials and tribulations of the past 12 months, of the team exiled from home with the hope of returning to the promised land: working with rides and schedules everyday just to get to practice, practicing around another school’s schedule, busing to ourselves every game to another team’s home-court advantage, and don’t forget the lost ability to recruit when all the new freshmen can’t see what Water Polo is because there is no Water Polo to see when there’s no pool to see it in.

AND YET, through all this, our boys team has remained strong! We are currently 5-0 in league play and 9-10 overall coming into the last tournament and remaining 4 league games of the season. Despite our setbacks, our game has steadily gotten stronger as we gear up to C.I.F. playoffs. So stay tuned and make sure you come to our first home games of the season as we finish up league and start up in playoffs with the FIRST EVER C.I.F. game actually at our own pool:)