New Recruits & Summer Polo

So you are almost done with the school year and you heard that Ram Polo is getting ready for an epic summer and YOU WANT IN. Awesome.

But what now? You’ve seen our summer promo video, you’ve asked your teacher about how to join. What is the next step?

FIRST: If you are an incoming freshmen, CLICK HERE and fill out the entry sheet.

SECOND: go to the front office at Ramona High School and request the sports physical packet. Fill this out, then return it and you will get a “pink card” (it’s called that ‘cuz it’s pink) which you will take to the pool to give to Coach Banister. At that point, you are pretty much on the team, except for…

THIRD: get yourself a practice suit. You can very likely buy one from the team as we have many sizes; these will be less expensive and of better quality than you can get at any of the local sports stores. You can also buy cool/crazy suits from Here are some great Women’s suits, and here are some cool Men’s suits.

Our entire summer practice schedule, as well as our schedules for when school starts are available on our CALENDAR section, here at Ramona Aquatics.

Thanks for your interest, and we are STOKED to get you in the pool and playing water polo with Ramona Aquatics!