CIF Dead Period

Summer league was a blast, but alas, it has come to and end. We now find ourselves in the limbo of summertime, where CIF tells us that we must take a break. In addition, RUSD says that all campuses are closed for the week of 7-22 through 7-26, so this week there is nothing going on! Sleep IN! Go to the beach!! Play video games!! This is the week where anything goes as Ramona Aquatics is completely shut down.

Monday, July 29 however, we re-boot into the the new 2013 Fall Boys Water Polo season, and while some may still be away for vacation, those of us that are here are going to be putting in the work to meet all our goals for the new year. Anything is possible and we won’t stop until our goals are met.

So enjoy the down-time. It’s been a crazy summer so far, but when we get back on the 29th this summer is going to light and get us fired up for an AMAZING new year, and new Polo season!

Keep your eyes on the calendar so you don’t  miss out!