Water Polo Planet

There is a website that has the best coaches, players, and trainers in the world of American Water Polo going very in-depth with sharing their knowledge of our sport.



On this site, you can find an article about pretty much any aspect of your game that you would like to work on. Each article is like sitting in a classroom with a world class coach, and getting their insight to all the ins-and-outs of water polo that you otherwise might never have thought of.

If you want to get better, and deepen your understanding of this game FOR FREE, then you need to spend some time on this site. Seriously.

All the articles are great, and there are things I learn every time I visit the site, but here are a few of my personal fav’s:

You Can’t Even Get to the Gym? -motivation

Tips for Water Polo Nutrition -how to eat

Fundamental Keys to Becoming a Good Team -team building

How Defense Can Lead to More Scoring -a different way to look at defense

Thinking Offense: Team -team offense

AND this is JUST a starter! There’re SO MANY articles that you could read a new one every day and you wouldn’t get through them all before your season is over. Make it your goal to come to this site each week with a question you want answered and then read the article you feel is best related to what you are looking for.

Becoming a student of the game is so important, so start today!