Be a Student of the Game

One of the handful of defining characteristics of EVERY standout player in the game of water polo, or any game for that matter, is being someone who takes the time to study the game and understand it, the patterns, the causes and effects; they become a STUDENT of the GAME

There are many ways you can do this, but here are 2 of my favorite, and EASIEST sources:


YouTube is a treasure-trove of all things, so why not Water Polo? El Cuervo’s YouTube channel has a ton of amazing video clips of world class water polo that we just don’t have access to here in America on ESPN (boooo). Watch the best, study the best, move closer and closer to becoming the best (simple, right?).


What if I told you that there was a place where all the best coaches and all the best players from our great nation freely give up their collective knowledge to better the level of water polo in our country? Well, IT’S REAL!!!! Water Polo Planet┬áhas more collected knowledge than you will be able to digest in one, maybe even 100 sittings. But it’s the best source of top-notch water polo information on the web and you should keep going back for more; you will not regret it. Start with some Water Polo To Go and then explore out from there!