The Need for SPEED

Olympics+Day+3+Swimming+43rPmSVmwHqlWhile the winter winds down and gives way to warmer weather, Ramona and all the other high schools in California are geared up for racing season. Swim season is where each athlete trains for gains that will help them beat just 2 people: the person in the lane next to them, and themselves. It’s that striving to be the best version of yourself that is emphasized most in swim training, and that’s what we get most excited about this time of year.

To help you gear up, here are some great online resources for this swim season”

For all your practice swim gear (goggles, cool caps, practice suits)  you’ll get the best deals at Swim Outlet.

If you are out looking to read about swim, and improve your knowledge of the sport check out USA Swimming, and SwimSwam. Both websites have many many articles on everything you could want to know about swimming, giving you that competitive edge over the less informed!

See you at the pool!