CIF Dead Period

Jul 22, 13 CIF Dead Period

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Summer league was a blast, but alas, it has come to and end. We now find ourselves in the limbo of summertime, where CIF tells us that we must take a break. In addition, RUSD says that all campuses are closed for the week of 7-22 through 7-26, so this week there is nothing going on! Sleep IN! Go to the beach!! Play video games!!...

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Water Polo Planet

Jul 11, 13 Water Polo Planet

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There is a website that has the best coaches, players, and trainers in the world of American Water Polo going very in-depth with sharing their knowledge of our sport.   On this site, you can find an article about pretty much any aspect of your game that you would like to work on. Each article is like sitting...

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New Recruits & Summer Polo

Jun 10, 13 New Recruits & Summer Polo

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So you are almost done with the school year and you heard that Ram Polo is getting ready for an epic summer and YOU WANT IN. Awesome. But what now? You’ve seen our summer promo video, you’ve asked your teacher about how to join. What is the next step? FIRST: If you are an incoming freshmen, CLICK HERE and fill out the...

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Ramona’s New 6th Period Aquatics PE

Mar 29, 13 Ramona’s New 6th Period Aquatics PE

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Ramona’s first official 6th period Aquatics PE class is finally a GO, but spots are limited. This will be a fun class where structured practice and conditioning will lead you to aquatic greatness. We will start this class at the beginning of the year by looking at your personal goals, whether it be for water polo, swim, or...

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Yin, Yang, and the Balance of Everything

Mar 28, 13 Yin, Yang, and the Balance of Everything

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One of the many many things we discuss during the spring swim seasons at Ramona is the idea of balance. I’ve always taken a shine to the Daoist symbol of Yin and Yang and its ability to remind us about the idea of balance; so much so that I made it our team logo.  Now, aside form the fact that I think it looks really cool,...

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River Valley League Competition Begins!

Mar 11, 13 River Valley League Competition Begins!

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This week sees the opening of swim competition between the schools of the River Valley League: Ramona, Patriot, La Sierra, Norte Vista, Jurupa Valley, and Moreno Valley. This week sees the match-up of Ramona vs Patriot @ The Cove Aquatics Center.  While the girls have been working hard to step up and make their mark in the new...

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