2015 Summer Water Polo

What are you doing with your summer? Well we’re busting our behinds in the pool and beefing up our skills to get ready for the 2015-16 sports seasons. With practices from 2-5pm for girls and 3-6pm for boys and periodic scrimmages with other schools, it is very exciting to watch our teams develop from day to day. With 2 new...

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New Pool, New Season, New Team, New Year

Sep 11, 13 New Pool, New Season, New Team, New Year

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The season is full-steam-ahead and Ramona Boys water polo has the largest team it has had in this Millennium. Having travelled last year to every game as  a result of not having a pool, this season also catches our team with a load of home games where we get to showcase not only our new pool and WELL-stocked snack bar (read: SNOW...

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Alumni Game 2013

The 8th annual Ramona Water Polo Alumni games were held last Saturday, for the first time in our wonderful new facility and they were intense. With over 30 Alumni in attendance, the current boy players had to rally from an early deficit, but came out on top 20-19, while the current girls teams dominated over the alumni girls...

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Boys’ Polo Keeps on Truckin’

Oct 24, 12 Boys’ Polo Keeps on Truckin’

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Day by day we inch closer to the glorious moment when we come home to the new Ramona Aquatics Facility! But let us not forget, oh brothers and sisters, the trials and tribulations of the past 12 months, of the team exiled from home with the hope of returning to the promised land: working with rides and schedules everyday just to get...

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HELLp Week

Aug 18, 12 HELLp Week

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This coming Monday starts HELLp week for the Boys Water Polo team. With a week before school starts, and only a little more before we officially start our fall games schedule, we have to get our minds and bodies in the right. HELLp week starts Monday with our practice in the water from 4-7pm. Starting Tuesday, August 21st, we will...

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How/What to eat

As we fine tune our engines for summer polo, we need to be mindful of the fuel we are putting into our bodies and expecting them to run at high performance levels. If we are always chowing down on HoHo China and Alberto’s we are probably not going to do our best… Here are 3 articles to start us off on our discussion of...

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