Here you will find a list of Questions people frequently ask about joining Ramona Aquatics:

Do I have to know how to swim?

No, you do not need to know how to swim. You DO need to be comfortable being in a pool, and have a strong desire to improve your own abilities. The coaches and team-members will help you with the rest.

(guys) Do I have to wear a Speedo?

No, you do not have to wear a speedo. While a swimsuit is required, we do not specify which one you must wear. There are many choices to decide from: from speedos and jammers to board shorts and swim trunks, each have their advantages and disadvantages to be considered.

Does it cost anything to join Ramona Aquatics?

No, it does not cost anything to join Ramona’s Aquatics programs. Like any sport however, we require that you have a current and on-file sports physical with the school which may cost a small amount through the Sports Clinic or your health care provider.

How Do I Join Ramona Aquatics?

Simple! Introduce yourself to one of the athletes and share your interest, or better yet, introduce yourself to one of the coaches on campus! If you are thinking about doing Boys Water Polo or Boys/Girls Swim, talk to Coach Banister in room P-83. If you want to join the Girls’ Water Polo team, talk to Coach Woodward in room 132. The key is: don’t be shy:) A lot of people join when they are sophomores or juniors and wind up saying how much they love aquatics and “I wish I would have joined when I was a freshman!” Don’t wait! Join today!

It's freezing outside! Why would I want to get in the water?

Simple: the water is HEATED. The Pool is ALWAYS (per health code) around 80 degrees in temperature. When it is freezing cold and rainy outside, it is MUCH warmer IN the water. We try to make sure the water feels good so that it is a place our athletes want to be.